Social Media Management

Social Media and YOU

People are talking about brands online, and keeping up with social data constantly can be overwhelming. Within the noise are patterns and rich insights that can help companies solve their most pressing business challenges and take advantage of opportunities they didn’t know existed. We do this by helping you manage your social media, expanding your brand online and helping you create social media marketing – that works!

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Twitter is a constant stream of ideas, thoughts, news, quotes, links, photographs and videos. You follow people providing quality information that you find useful and you share quality information you feel the people following will like. Using Twitter for business, it’s important to have a theme for your stream. Your marketing and advertising on the platform will be useless, without solid personality. This is how we help.
Your 14 year old is glued to it, yet it doesn't seem to make sense why there's such an obsession with photos. Catalyst Next offers extensive and intensive instagram growth and strategy training, and we're intent that you, your customers and your teen, will all enjoy what we come up with. A solid brand is really cool, Instagram is a vital part of that!
We collect data from all of social media platforms that you're connected to. We know where your customers are, how they're responding, if they're happy -- and if they'll be back. If we know it, you should know it too. Our Social Media Experts are dedicated to offering you the information in a format that you can digest.
Social media conversations can easily span from one part of the world to another. Our client needed to track and share immediate discussions so the global brand could respond effectively and at a moment’s notice. Are you listening to what people are saying about your brand? Do you know what your consumers think about your business? Social media allows you to hear what people are saying in real time. Discover immediate perceptions about your brand, products, reputation, key issues, and your competitors across the world; and then collect, classify, and append important data to help improve your overall business health. How do you find a signal in the noise? There are social media patterns to be uncovered – not just in what consumers are saying, but how, when, and where they are choosing to say it. Finding and analyzing key insights from within the disruption can become a powerful competitive advantage. We can help you to identify issues, influencers, market trends, and predict outcomes. Our 24/7 Social Media Monitoring Center is the best place to start. Add our experts to your team, so that you're aware, when there's a problem. We can help!

Facebook Advertising

We specialize in leveraging Facebook Newsfeed Ads that are targeted to your specific demographic. We work with you closely to pinpoint the exact interests and hobbies of your best customer, and show your ad to them.

Showing your ad exclusively to people that are already interested in, or in need of what you offer, increases conversion rates by 4 times! How many new customers would it take each month for that to pay for itself? Many of our customers enjoy consistent 1,000%+ returns on their investment.