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Catalyst Next Launches ‘The Hustle Toolbox’

Catalyst Next Launches ‘The Hustle Toolbox’



Atlanta, GA – August 9, 2017 – Catalyst Next, the media & technology specialty company based out of Atlanta, GA has announced a new nationwide initiative to help ‘regular’ people with their businesses.

Catalyst Next – a leading technology services firm has offered web design, hosting products and customized tech solutions for small businesses for over 10 years.  As technology has evolved, Catalyst has purposed to understand the needs of an independent small business owner, with much success.  In 2014, the Catalyst services group launched Project Rebrand, a community initiative with goals to rebrand 100 businesses.  Since then, the Project Rebrand initiative continues, culminating a ‘free’ rebrand with every 10th business that is effectively rebranded.

“Enabling the small business to compete in the marketplace is crucial,” laments Tiffanie Mackey, VP of Operations at Catalyst.  “if they can’t compete. They simply won’t win.”

In 2017, Catalyst launched it’s “We Build Black Businesses” campaign.  As a black-owned and operated firm, the focus on the black business is imperative not only to the Catalyst Next executive management team, but to all vendors that support these initiatives.  This month, Catalyst launches ‘The Hustle Toolbox.’  Understanding that 9/10 businesses close within their first nine months is a startling statistic that the Catalyst Next team has aggressively tried to combat.  Market research shows that the average urban business owner is operating his or her business as a ‘side hustle’ and this brought our product development team to a crossroad.

The Hustle Toolbox is a set of products and tools, that has been packed to power and arm small businesses with the tools that they need to achieve great success.  There are many services and solutions available in the market that small business owners can purchase individually or á la carte.  Catalyst has partnered with the best service providers and vendors to combine these solutions and host them within the powerful Catalyst Next datacenters.  There are different levels to the hustle, and there’s a ‘toolbox’ available to meet every need.  Small business owners will finally have the ability to create manageable websites, DIY mobile apps and tap into enterprise-level cloud applications to manage their day-to-day activities.  Each package includes hours with a dedicated business expert that will help tailor each tool in each box to specific businesses.

The Hustle Toolbox is officially available on August 10th.

Details on The Hustle Toolbox are included below.  For additional information, live demos or bulk purchasing, please contact:

Catalyst Next Media Relations
+1 404 220 7700 x6600

Jessica Jones
+1 404 220 7700 x6170


Social: @hustletoolbox (all social media)

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