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The Urban NewsRoom is one of the hottest sources for viral news. Currently providing current headlines, opinions, entertainment and blogs for and from today’s urban generation. A leader in providing content and breaking stories from across the United States and the world, UNR is also a proud content provider to Urban news media sites (i.e. blogs, news circulars and small town papers).

The Urban NewsRoom & UrbanNewsRoom.com is a division of Catalyst Next, Inc, a cutting-edge media conglomerate based out of Atlanta, Georgia and serves as an affiliate for it’s leading digital radio brand SpeakerBox Live. Aside from providing news shorts and web-content, The Urban NewsRoom also serves as a syndication hub for news analysts across America. We currently provide content and reporters from across the US – and the newsroom is a dedicated source for small, medium and large terrestrial and web-based US radio stations.

The Urban NewsRoom operates primarily out of Atlanta, Georgia with satellite offices in New York, NY, Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA. All original content is owned and copyrighted by Catalyst Next, Inc and may not be use, misrepresented or reprinted without permission.



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