About Us

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Catalyst NEXT (formerly Catalyst Media Group) is a leading trendsetter in the world’s of media, telecommunications, content and small business. Dedicated to providing fresh, original content to media outlets and consumers.  As a leader in the digital content technology arena, Catalyst provides a comprehensive end-to-end product in every offering.  Our desire is to help companies effectively brand themselves by communicating their messages in an array of inter-connected networks.

The internet continues to transform how people work, live, communicate, socialize and be entertained.  Rich media on the Internet, including graphics, audio and video and social media is now integral to the overall Internet experience.  Catalyst NEXT strongly believes that these things should also be integral parts of how you do business as well.  Our leadership is committed to serving you with excellence–no exceptions.


Why Catalyst?

Catalyst is the only company to bring true enterprise-class digital media services to the broadcasting, media, publishing, training and small business industries.  From the beginning, Catalyst’s services, products and solutions were designed for flexibility, scalability and high availability.  Furthermore, all of our services have always been developed with a reputable level of configuration and ease of ongoing maintenance.

Our management team has a combined 85 years of experience bringing enterprise-class business services and applications to the market.  We understand the relationship between infrastructure and enterprise applications and service requirements.  Additionally, we’re experts at combining content from distributed systems and bringing it together to deliver an interesting and interactive way for your users.